Friday, May 11, 2012

Term 2 Week 8 (Friday)

Hi all,

This will be the last post on I will post all homework, discussion and reminders on from now onwards. Please create an account and key in 6Loyalty Group Code. Remember that you should use your name and not your nickname. Do ask your parents to join the group as well.

So far I have Vivin, Jabez, Lional and Sheryl in the group.

Please do share your SA1 results with your parents.

Have a good and safe weekend. See you on Monday.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Term 2 Week 7 (Friday)

Math Practice Paper Set 3 (Paper 2) - 1h 40min
Revision, Revision, Revision!
Math is on Wednesday and Science is Thursday.

Have a fruitful long weekend.
If you have any difficulties/questions, you can always check with me.
Post it here or check with me on Tuesday.

To all Buddhists,
Happy Vesak Day! :)