Friday, April 13, 2012

Term 2 Week 4 (Friday)

Homework and Reminder
1) Math AB 1.5 (30min)
2) Math Problem Sums (25min)
3) Oral Practice 1 - Refer to your Listening Comprehension Book. (30min)
Write out your response for Picture Discussion on foolscap paper.
Prepare for Reading Aloud and Conversation too.
4) Sign Comprehension Open ended
5) Science Test WB pg 87-101
6) submission (deadline: Sunday) - Inform me after you have submitted your entry.
7) No afterschool lessons on Monday and Tuesday


  1. What do we bring for math olympiad tomorrow?

    1. 2B pencil and something

    2. 2B pencil ,eraser and if I am not wrong, you must bring water bottle and pencil case

  2. What is something?

  3. What else must we bring tomorrow Mr Soh?

  4. Cheong Wee ChingSunday, April 15, 2012

    I have sent my story to

  5. Cheong Wee ChingSunday, April 15, 2012

    Once an upon a time, in the land of wizard world, there live a boy named Jason and a girl named Jill. They lived together with their parent Bob and Kelly. Jason and Jill were young sorcerers.
    One day, Jason and Jill had a report about treasure seeking. They did not know much about it such they ask the guardian of Greenberry forest, a tall tree named Terry. They ask terry if there is any treasure to seek for.
    “Well, I f I remembered correctly there is a treasure hidden within the forest the treasure is an ancient drum. Good luck finding it,” Terry said.
    Then off they go to search for the ancient drum. They brought a spade and shovel with them for the journey.
    First, they try finding behind bushes but after half a day they found nothing. Then, they try digging for the drum but they still have no luck and Miss Wrinklestick will give them a bad grade if they did not hand in their work tomorrow.
    Just when they were going to give up, Jason saw a dark and creepy cave and pointed it to Jill. They decide to go in maybe the drum is hidden right there.
    When they enter the cave a huge flock of bat rushed out, the bats sure know how to give Jason and Jill a shock. Then they continued to walk deeper and deeper.
    When they reached the deepest part of the cave, they thought they were stuck. They started to walk around. Jill was curious when she saw drawing on the wall.
    After looking for a half an hour on the drawings, the sun began to set. It was getting dark under here. Jason just then thought of a fire spell since his is now studying Pyromancy. He began casting the spell. After a while, he finally finished cast the spell. He took a piece of wood and put it near the fire.
    Now, they could see the drawing clearer. While Jason was doing that, Jill who learns the art of crafting now, remembered the picture which were drew on the chalkboard yesterday during Madam Wu’s lesson.
    The drawing said that a man buried the drum there. When they translated the drawing, they were delighted and immediately dug for the drum.
    Not long they found the drum. They walked back from the route they took there earlier.
    They came to Terry and told him about they had found the drum.
    The next day, they bring the drum to Miss Wrinklestick. She gave them an A+ for their discovery. Miss Wrinklestick brought the drum to the national artefact museum. And they were published on ‘The Daily Magical’. And they lived happily ever after.
    THE END 
    By Cheong Wee Ching 6L

  6. They said form incomplete o.o The word count is 806...

  7. Mr Soh,
    I send the MyStory already

  8. I cant submit my story,i dont know why... D: >.<

  9. Mr Soh, I Have Sent Mystory at :)