Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Term 1 Week 1 (Tuesday)

First Day of School

I hope everyone has enjoyed yourself in school today. I think most of you are very excited to meet your friends, classmates and teachers again. Don't be overwhelmed by the information given to you today. It will take a week or so for you to settle down and everything will be normal. Don't forget we are just warming up our engines and we have at least 9 more months to go before your PSLE. Don't be too pressurised (yet)!

Reminders and Homework
1) Journal Writing
- Decorate the cover page.
- Topic "My Family. At least one page.

2) Particulars Form

3) Get your thermometer ready. Always put inside your pencil case.

4) Get your stationery, activity books, exercise books and files ready.

See you all tomorrow!

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