Thursday, January 12, 2012

Term 1 Week 2 (Thursday)

1) On Sponge Pg 130-132
2) English Situational Writing
3) English Synthesis 1
4) Spelling
5) Newspaper Cutting (Due)
6) Science AB Pg 3 Part C

Tomorrow activity:
We are going to write our first composition. Let you have some preparation. The topic is "Mystery".
You should think about an event you have experience or a story you have heard which have this theme. Even though the topic is "Mystery", your story must be realistic and believeable.
Think about this so that it is easier for us to discuss tomorrow.


  1. Mr Soh i will be going to Jakata next thursday for a week so i will collect that week's homework from you next wednesday ok?

  2. tan xuan, y u can comment yesterday when mr soh have not ever posted the homework link??

  3. i love homework

    6k pupil

  4. what the? u love homework??