Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Term 1 Week 1 (Wednesday)

Reminder and Homework
1) Bring thermometer
2) Math AB - Recall 1 (Use blue pen)
3) English TB - Pg 4 to 6 (Read up and find out meaning of the difficult words)
4)Vocabulary Book - At least 10 words per week. (Meaning and usage) Due on Monday
5) Homelink

*Get your dictionary ready. I will check on Monday.

Question Of the Day:
Who can tell me the 4-step Comprehension Strategies I shared today?
You may use your own words to describe it.

Below is the link to the e-learning portal. Make full use of it.
Login ID: your birth certificate number (eg: T0071234D)
Password: your birth certificate number

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