Monday, January 9, 2012

Term 1 Week 2 (Monday)

Homework and Reminder
1) Spelling List Set A - Meaning (Wednesday)
2) Math Problem Sums (4 questions)
3) Math TB Pg 10 (Q3-5)
4) Math Olympiad and A-star Forms
5) Bring Science book tomorrow
6) Artwork by next Monday (Chinese New Year)
7) Submit Vocabulary Book (10 new words)


  1. Mr Soh ,the vocabulary book do we need to write 20 words or ten words in total if we count last week?

  2. Ya do we need to write 20 or 10 words? , Lionel

  3. So if I write 10 last week that means this week no need do?

  4. I want to see 10 new words when i collect the book tomorrow. This is for last week.